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Videos of Radio Promo for Social Media Networks --   
               Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Imaging for radio station and programming.
Radio program voice-over for commercial with music.
Radio weather report voice-over without music or effects.
Radio program voice-over introdution following station id/audio imaging.
Radio program voice over to introduce artist of song following the music.
          4 Sample voice-over audio clips for radio.
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          2 videos of radio station antenna testing.
4 images of radio engineering, board operatoring, announcing, and station building over 15 years.
* Board Operator, Producer, Engineer, Announcer; (Top left) Davidson Media Group-WOLT 103.3FM; 2010-2013
(Top right) Chicago State University w/ Indie Arie and WCSU AM-station personalities and staff; 2001
(Bottom right) University of Chicago-WHPK 88.5 FM; 2001-2002; (Bottom left) WMXP-Low Power FM; 2008-2012

LISTEN-'The MO Amper' Commander w/ Indie Arie singing 'God In You'                                                                   

LISTEN-'The MO Amper' Commander w/ Dr. Mac Arnold-Plate Full of Blues                                                        
          4 images of internet radio station web media for
DEF Poetry & Cell phone media content for Xingtone.

LISTEN-'The MO Amper' Commander w/ DEF Poetry producer Bruce George 2001-05                                               
Radio program voice over for commercial to introduce guest artist Dr. Mac Arnold.
          National and local community engagement.